The Weston Bronco brand is based out of Dallas, TX blending vintage and western aesthetics with luxury streetwear elements. Founded by artist Xavier Pipkin in 2020. 

Weston Bronco is the culmination of his thirty year journey and evolution from adolescence to maturity. Designed from an introspective view, Weston Bronco is both a testament and celebration of the life-long dream and reality of Xavier’s career in the apparel industry. Weston Bronco is fueled by the reflective, inner-directed commentary with self as one sets out to become who they believe they can be. 

Xavier studied fashion and pattern-making before becoming a self-taught graphic designer and securing an internship at an apparel-production company in Dallas.
With no formal training in graphic design Xavier begin his career as a designer and production-artist working with many notable brands including New Era, 40oz NYC, the Dallas Mavericks and Joyrich. After ten years of working in the industry Xavier gave birth to his brainchild Weston Bronco. 

Weston represents a culture and at its core is a poem dedicated to the journey , the ambition and the spirit of becoming.


West On Bronco, thru the harsh of day. Desire does not falter, it guides the way.  

Our pieces are inspired by a testament to the ongoing journey. Ten years later still burning with ambition and desire. A man alone with the Gods is God of his own. 

Welcome to Weston Bronco.